Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back in January 2005, I read an article in the local paper about a crazy race in a blizzard at Capitol Peak. I don't know why, but for some reason, I thought it looked liked fun. So began my ultra racing. After running the short course at the Mega Fat ass a couple of years, I decided to try the long course, but at the time, it was a double loop course. After the first loop, I would show up tired and cold spending time at the burn barrel to get warmed up and eventually dropped. I swept the course a couple of times then last year I decide to run the whole thing no matter what. Unfortunately, after about 10 miles I got dizzy and nauseated and had to turnaround and plod back to the finish with the flu.

I was excited about this year, I felt great and the weather was good. My only concern was that I ran the upper loop the day before marking with spray paint and I felt it in my legs from slogging through the snow. I started out slow and made it to the first aid station in good time and had a shot of Tequila from the FOCF Tequila Bar. The next section was a steady climb where I felt low energy and hiked more than I should. Once on top I felt better on the backside loop until I hit the mile road section with the deeper snow. My legs remembered the day before and I slogged along slowly. From there was a steep climb to the top, which didn't feel that bad and it was sunny and warm at the summit with great views of Rainier and the Olympics. From there it was a fast 6 mile downhill to the Tequila Bar. This time I skipped the shooter and charged off to the last climb of the race. I caught up to a runner who was hiking/running about the same which really helped getting over the hump. On the last 5 mile downhill I felt great and quickly passed the other runner. I felt great, just like a short training run. I crossed the line around 7 hours, pretty good time on tired legs. It's always good to finish strong. I feel that I have a good start on the season this year.