Monday, April 26, 2010

There are so many to thank for this weekend's Capitol Peak 50 miler. First of all, thanks to John for despite many obsticles, put on a fantastic race on a great course with great weather and thanks for letting me run it this year. After hurting my hamstring 2 weeks ago at Peterson Ridge 60K, thanks to Ted from Integrated Sports Therapy for getting me back on the trail with no pain. Thanks to Kris and James for most excellent trail marking, aid stations and everything else. Thanks to tall Dave and Jim for chopping that tree across the road like busy beavers. Thanks to Wayne for not being 20mins late picking me up for the start. Thanks for Racheal for hopefully accepting my apology. Thanks to tall Dave and Wayne for starting slow and running steady with me. Thanks to Clem for giving me tips about the Swan Crest trail. Thanks to Kent Holder for showing us how it's done when you're over 70. Thanks to Bill and Jenifer for running the Mt. Molly aid station all day. Thanks to Dave and Terry for standing in the middle of no where and pointing us up the grunt. Thanks to Ulrike for sweeping though I never saw you. Thanks to Laura for helping Kris sweep. Thanks to Heidi for finishing strong. Thanks to Rob for finishing 6th in his first ultra. And finally, thanks to Wayne for finishing his first 50 miler!