Sunday, January 24, 2010

This is going to be a very interesting year. It all started out with a notification that I was selected to be a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete for 2010! I thought it was worth applying for since I had quite a few podium finishes in my age group, but I think they were most impressed with the number of referrals from my website. I get some free stuff to hand out and deep discounts so it will be alot of fun. The other exciting news is I'm going to do the Swan Crest 100 in Montana at the end of July, should be an incredible course as a point to point along the Swan Crest range. Hopefully I will also be able to do the Waldo 100K again and get an age group award.
I had mixed results at our first event this year, the Capitol Peak Mega Fat Ass. I normally only do the 25K, but this year I went for the 50K distance. Unfortunately, I came down with some stomach flu and turned around early a couple of miles short of the summit. I still got in about a 24 mile run, but I really wanted to run the whole thing. At least I got back in under 5 hours and got to watch most people finish. Next is Orcas 50K, fun time but hard course.