Sunday, February 05, 2012

With the Capitol Peak Fat Ass canceled due to snow, I was feeling a little too well rested and unprepared for Orcas. Rob and I were the only ones making the trip this year with Dave coming along to help out with the race. We had a good trip up, made the 4:00 ferry and arrived at the lodge in daylight. We had a quiet evening and bedded down early in the bunk house with Eric and Jenny and a couple of others. The weather was so nice that I decided to run without a backpack, just a few gels in my pockets and a couple of handhelds. I started a little fast to get warmed up and settled down to a comfortable pace. I felt I did the first 10 miles too slow, but I was only about 6mins. behind Eric at that point. I was real good about staying hydrated and fueled prior to the long grunt up the power line trail, but as I started the hike up, I felt my calves starting to tighten up which was a new problem for me. Just before I crested the top, my lower back muscles spasm-ed nearly stopping me in my tracks. This happened to me last year midway through the Capitol City Marathon with the same results. I tried running down the gently sloping trail and was slowed by pain. Here was one of the fastest portions of the course and I could only move along at half speed! I tried more fluids and electrolytes but to no avail. As runners streamed past me I just chugged along in low gear. I found that by run/walking I could keep moving but I would need to drop. I caught up to early starters George and Karen Wiggins and Karen offered me some perscription pain killers but I had nothing to prove and didn't want to injure myself more. It was such a nice day, I decided to not drop at the water aid station but go ahead and do the hike up to the top of Mt Constitution so I could get some hill work and enjoy the great view up there. I made it to the top of the mountain about an hour later than I normally would, but felt great to be finished on a sunny day on such a scenic spot. The best part was the car that was leaving right then to go back to the lodge, so I got a ride down before I got too cold up there. I mostly felt bad about not getting enough mileage in.