Sunday, February 04, 2007

Was'nt too sure I was going to run since my ankle twist thursday nite ended up worse than I thought. But felt ok Sat so Sunday morning I was there. Matt and I started together, the weather was about perfect, we ran the first mile in 7:00, oops! There was a good crowd this year, didn't have to worry about finishing last again. We settled down and started clicking off 7:28's like clockwork. Everything was going great until mile 6 when my ankle started hurting and I had to slow down a little. Matt continued running strong and passed a couple of runners in the second half. I tightened up in the last three miles and ended up finishing at 1:39, about a minute slower than last year. Matt ran a great race and we think he finished around 1:35. Might be a pr for him. All in all, this is a great, low key, early season speed event. By the way, the winner of the 10k ran a 32, thats 5:11 min/mile!